Aquaria KLCC Map


Here is the Aquaria KLCC Map for your reference so that you can plan your journey ahead.

Level 1 features the Evolution Zone with Piranha Tank, Gene Pool and Electric Zone, The Stream section with Riverbank Jungle and Otter Den, and the Shipwreck section with Tales of the Ocean, Coral Walk, and Coral Discovery.

Level 2 starts with Deep Forest zone with Flooded Forest and Freshwater Journey, followed by The Coast section with Mudflats, Coastal Nursery, Mangrove, and Coastal section. The Living Ocean is the Main Oceanarium and it is followed by the Aquatheatre where the feeding session of Sharks, turtle and ray fish is. Weird and Wonderful zone has jellyfish and it is followed by the Atlantis Souvenir Store, and finally, the Station Aquarius where MOON Lab, Jellyfish Lab, Seahorse Lab, and Eco Lab are located.

Make sure you check the Aquaria KLCC Feeding Schedule too.

Aquaria KLCC Level 1


Aquaria KLCC Level 2


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