Aquaria KLCC Feeding Schedule

Aquaria KLCC Feeding Schedule

One of the main reasons to visit Aquaria KLCC is to watch professional aquarists hand-feed various marine animals in the aquarium. You will learn about the significant roles of these marine animals in keeping their habitats in balance.

Some of the most popular feeding sessions include the arapaima (one of the world’s largest freshwater fish) at Flooded Forest section and the Sand tiger sharks feeding session at the Aquatheatre in Level 2.

Aquaria KLCC Daily Feeding Sessions

10:45amGene Pool (Level 1) A variety of aquatic animals
11:15amOtter Den (Level 1 )Asian small-clawed otter
12:00pmAquatheatre (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
12:30pmLiving Ocean (Level 2)Flying rays
1:00pmW&W Tanks (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
3:00pmAquatheatre (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
3:30pmLiving Ocean (Level 2)Flying rays
4:00pmPiranha Tank (Level 1)Red-bellied piranha
4:30pmOtten Den (Level 1)Asian small-clawed otter
5:30pmFreshwater Journey (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
5:45pmCoastal Nursery (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
6:30pmAquatheatre (Level 2)Surface feeding

Aquaria KLCC Special Feeding Sessions

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

11:30amThe Deep Sea (Level 2)Japanese spider crab

Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

11:00amThe Stream (Level 1)Electric eel
2:30pmFlooded Forest (Level 2)Arapaima
3:00pmAquatheatre (Level 2)Sand tiger sharks

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  • RM35 (RM49) – Malaysian
  • RM47 (RM69) – Non-Malaysian

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