Aquaria KLCC Entrance, Kuala Lumpur

Aquaria KLCC Entrance

Where is the Aquaria KLCC entrance?

The Aquaria KLCC entrance is located at the concourse level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, easily accessible from the Jalan Pinang entrance of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Is there only one entrance to Aquaria KLCC?

Yes, there is only one entrance to the Aquaria KLCC oceanarium.

How much is the Aquaria KLCC entrance fees?

For Malaysian, the Aquaria KLCC entrance fees are RM49 for adult, RM39 for children (3 – 12 years old) and RM39 for the senior citizen. Make sure you bring your Identity Card (myKad) as prove.

For foreign nationals, the Aquaria KLCC entrance fees are RM69 for adult, RM59 for children (3 – 12 years old) and RM49 for the senior citizen.

All kids below 2 years old will enjoy free entrance to the Aquaria KLCC.

Disable or handicapped people will have a lower entrance fees, which is only RM16. Wheelchairs are available upon request.

You might want to read how to get cheaper or discounted Aquaria KLCC Ticket via online ticket agents.

Can I skip queue to enter the Aquaria KLCC?

So far, there is no straight forward answer for this. It largely depends on the crowd on the day. Even if you’ve booked the Aquaria KLCC Ticket online and have it printed out, you might still not be allowed to skip the queue. However, sometimes, when the queue is too long, the authorities might allow those with printed out booking ticket to enter the Aquarium directly.

Also, please take note of the Aquaria KLCC opening time and last admission time, so that you will be able to plan a good trip. You might also want to pay attention on the Aquaria KLCC feeding sessions for maximum exposure and experience in the oceanarium.

Is the Aquaria KLCC entrance point same as the exit?

No, the Aquaria KLCC entrance point is different from the Exit point. Visitors will enter the Aquarium from one end and come out at the other, please make sure you don’t wait for your friends or family at the entrance point.

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Aquaria KLCC entrance queue for purchasing or redeem online admission ticket to Aquaria KLCC
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Aquaria KLCC Exit
Aquaria KLCC Exit

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